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Roof Certification Inspection
The roof is a critical component of any structure. Regardless of the climate, you will want to assure the
roofing system in your structure is performing correctly. Our inspectors will take the time to evaluate
the roofing system from the roof top, fascia, soffits & the attic. We will describe the covering on the
roof, the geometry of the roof, the sheathing, trusses & rafters. Some of the components in your
inspection report will be If your home is more than 25 years old, you may be required to provide proof
that your roof has been replaced (or is under contract for replacement) to be eligible for coverage. Use
the chart below to determine whether this requirement applies to your property. If your home is
subject to this requirement, you still may be eligible, even without proof of replacement, if you submit
documentation from a qualified inspector verifying the roof has at least three years of remaining useful
As a state licensed home inspector & certified roof inspector, we are surly qualified to perform this
service. Trust us to perform your roof inspection today