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A wind mitigation inspection is an inspection of the home covering areas of the structure that help protect it from hurricane force winds. If a home has these protective features correctly installed it in most cases qualifies for wind credits with any insurance company in Florida. This inspection can save you up to 80% off of your homeowners insurance.

Question# 1

We determine the year the home was built, if the home was built on 9/1/1994 or after the home qualifies for the 1994 or 2001 South Florida Building Code credit.

Question# 2

We determine the year the roof was built, a roof built on or after 9/1/1994 also qualifies for a windstorm credit.

Question# 3

We will access the attic for hurricane features in the construction. We will inspect the roof decking type, the size of the nails used to fasten your deck & the nailing pattern of the roof deck, all of which qualifies for discounts on your policy.

Question# 4

We will examine the roof to wall attachments & determine whether double wraps, single wraps, clips, or toe nails were used.

Question# 5

We will determine what geometric shape your roof has, a hip roof alone qualifies for a 40% discount on your insurance premium.

Question# 6

If possible we will determine if you can receive this credit. Secondary Water Resistance is a method used to protect the interior of your home if the roof covering & underlayment blow off during a storm.

Question# 7

We will check every single exterior opening on your home & determine what type of opening protection credit you deserve.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection is the most effective inspection type in lowering your insurance policy & we thrive for integrity in order to deliver an accurate inspection.

JT Property Inspections & Service Incorporated Inspectors are all licensed & certified to perform wind mitigation inspections. You can order a wind mitigation inspection individually or include it with any other inspection.



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